Best Boxing Gloves for Knuckle Protection (And Brittle Hands)

Some of us naturally have brittle hands and that calls for extra knuckle protection while boxing, MMA, and other sports like that. At other times, people who’ve been into boxing for long slowly lose resilience of hands especially knuckles which is why old boxers can’t put up their best fight without extra protection and support. 

Anyway, none of that means that you should ditch your favorite sport because there are gloves that are built for extra support and protection for brittle hands. 

There are a few brands that are especially known for gloves that offer maximum protection from damage. Boxing gloves from ‘Winning’ tops that list of brands. Winning gloves are really popular among senior boxers or old fighters. But there are other alternatives both cheap and expensive, to WINNING gloves. 

Some particular gloves from Cleto Reyes, Ringside, Rival, Adidas, and FairTex can be trusted for that extra knuckle support as well. 

Anyhow, let’s just not stick to talking only and go through the 6 best boxing gloves for knuckle protection (brittle hands). 

Professional Boxing/Training Gloves MS 600B

These WINNING MS 600B gloves are unrivaled in terms of their quality and reliability. A bit expensive but definitely worth it if you want superior protection for your hands.

They are manufactured with high quality Japanese leather, feature thick latex foam padding for added protection and have proven to be the best choice even for professional boxers time and again.

The padding is even all around unlike most gloves that have their weight shifted to one or the other side of the hand. Therefore, a balanced weight distribution is what I appreciate the most about these gloves. 

As far as the knuckle protection is concerned, these gloves are stellar in terms of that without a doubt. They actually help prevent sore, bruised or damaged knuckles. And if you’re someone with weak or brittle hands, then you can blindly trust these gloves for extreme protection. 

They feature an anti-impact thumbing style, however, lack a mesh palm for ventilation. Despite that, you won’t experience a crazy sweat thanks to the Moisture Repelling Dry liner on the inside of the gloves. 

But lastly, I’d say that do add protection for your wrists because these Velcro gloves are not great in terms of wrist support. With the addition of wrist wraps, these gloves will prove to be your best choice.

Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1

These gloves by FairTex are another amazing as well as affordable option that provides support and protection for brittle hands. This pair of all-purpose training gloves is especially useful for bag and pad work.

The evenly distributed padding of the gloves will protect your entire hand. In addition to that, the three layered foam in these gloves is really impressive and works great for providing safety to the knuckles especially. The thick three layer foam aids in shock dispersing and hence, eliminating maximum risk of injury. 

The gloves offer a very tight and compact fit and by tight, I don’t mean a fit that would hinder the movement of your hands or forearm but a snug and secure fit that is needed as you fight. These gloves have a breathable palm as well as a ventilation hole on the finger that ensures comfort and control while fighting. 

They are durable and hold up pretty great even after several fights. The wrist support is not bad either due to the wraparound hook and loop strap. To sum up, I’d say that you can trust these gloves for your brittle hands. 

Professional Boxing Gloves 8oz MS200

Another pair of Gloves by WINNING because I can’t help but choose Winning over anything else when it comes to protection. These gloves are great for heavy bag training and boxing. They’ll provide a lot of protection to your hands. Not only YOUR hands but also they offer a lot of protection to the opponent as well. So if you’re in for a pro fight, you may want to skip these gloves.

But if you’re all in for knuckle protection and safety of your entire hand, then there’s nothing that can beat these gloves. There’s a thick cushion padding around the knuckle area which means maximum shock will be dispersed and you really don’t need to worry much even if you’ve compromised hands. 

Although the padding is quite thick, you’ll still be able to feel a little impact each time you punch. But that impact is not something that’d hurt or injure you so don’t worry. The wrist part is something I’d not appreciate a lot. You’ll definitely need to add wraps for wrist support.

Overall, they are great in terms of their quality. They’re expensive but as soon as you hold them you can feel the excellent workmanship and with that we can’t really complain about the price. As long as the gloves do their job well, I don’t really mind the price.

Boxing Gloves for Knuckle Protection 14oz

Apart from the previously mentioned Winning Gloves, these gloves by Pro Impact are hands down one of the most trusted ones when it comes to knuckle protection. These gloves have been specifically constructed for people who need more than usual protection for their hands.

These gloves are a foolproof choice for brittle hands because they’ve been manufactured with a triple layered foam core. Each layer of the foam absorbs maximum shock which means at the end your hand/knuckles would receive a negligible impact. 

The gloves are great for MMA Muay Thai, Sparring, Training or Fighting. The genuine leather construction makes them very durable as well as comfortable for long term uses. Also, the gloves offer optimal wrist support due to the extra-long cuffs that enhance protection for the wrists.

Overall, these gloves can easily handle heavy impact and allow your brittle hands to endure even the strongest of fights. The gloves are very comfortable since they offer a secure and snug fit. 

You can’t beat these gloves for the price!

Ringside Boxing Gloves 16 oz

These boxing gloves from Ringside are another go to option when looking for affordability and protection. This pair of gloves is suitable for boxing, training and sparring. Ringside is a cheap alternative to Winning yet performs really well. 

This pair of gloves made it to our list of best boxing gloves for knuckle protection mainly because of its 2 ¼ inch thick Injected Molded Foam technology that absorbs maximum shock while heavy bag training, boxing or sparring. 

The IMF tech allows the hands to put up with intense punches and fights which is why I consider these gloves an ideal option when looking for protection that won’t cost you a pretty penny. The synthetic leather shell of these gloves is durable and easy to clean.

The wrist support offered by them is average though. The hook and loop closure provides a snug fit and comfort. The mesh palm keeps the gloves breathable yet the leather on the inside provides enough support to prevent the gloves from moving.

However, they do need some time to break in and before that you’ll need to be careful with your punches. 

Reyes 16 oz. Boxing Training Gloves

Last but not the least, is a pair of Boxing Gloves by Cleto Reyes and it is a mid-range option that still provides a commendable amount of protection and support for weak/compromised hands. These gloves are highly recommended for heavy bag, sparring and training. 

They feature a traditional Lace-up design with an extra-long cuff which means there’ll be a good amount of support for your wrists. The lace up design also accounts for a better and secure fit all around the hand. And if we talk about the protection for hands, they’re very efficient in terms of that as well. 

The gloves are lined with a durable foam padding that prevents any injury of hands. A considerable amount of extra cushion padding can be felt around the knuckles which makes them a great option if you especially want knuckle support. 

The leather is high quality and durable. Additionally, it is lined with a water repellent lining to avoid excessive sweat and odor during intense workouts or fights. 

Overall, I’d not label them as my favorite pick because those have been mentioned earlier in the list. However, there’s no doubt about them being a safe option for your hands. So go ahead if you’re a Reyes fan, you’ll be pretty satisfied. 

Final Thoughts

All of the gloves mentioned on this list will prove to be a great choice for knuckle protection. I can vouch for that. However, the brand that is most trusted when it comes to superior protection is WINNING, without question. It is very popular among pro fighters due to that very as well. 

So if you can save up a good amount for boxing gloves, you should definitely go for Winning Gloves. If that’s not an option feel free to choose any other affordable option from this list, you’ll not regret it!

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